A project of the Haverhill Firefighting Museum,

Haverhill's Water & Fire Departments and the Citizens of Haverhill

Looking for a civic project for your family or business?

Do you have a hydrant near your home or business?

Already caring for the hydrant near you?

Make it official!

Come to the Museum any Saturday between noon and 4:00 pm to ADOPT YOUR HYDRANT


DISCLAIMER: Adoptees have no legal ownership of said hydrants. The Haverhill Firefighting Museum and the City of Haverhill and its departments are not responsible for any injury incurred while performing the agreed upon terms of hydrant adoption.

Adoption Commitment

To maintain the area around the hydrant, clean up debris throughout the year; shovel the area around the hydrant following a storm; scrape and paint the hydrant with regulation paint colors. Paint kits will be provided free of charge.

Adoptees agree to paint according to this example

  Contact information for problems with the hydrant

Call Haverhill Water Department at 978-374-2368

Or visit - Click on Departments, choose Water-Wastewater, click service request, anonymous logon, request code, and scroll to water-fire hydrant problem and fill in the information and submit.

For more information:

 Thank you to our Adopt-A-Hydrant Volunteers, Great Job!

 Thank you to Rich Havens on East Broadway!

 Thank you to Valerie & Mark Senter!

Thank you to the Rhyls Family!
         Thank you to the Frasca Family!
Thank you to Neriah Deveau!